Indian-birthplace couple shot dead in US


Washington: An Indian-birthplace couple has been executed in the US in a clear requital assault by their little girl’s ex who was in the long run shot dead in a standoff with police.

“The suspect had been in a dating association with the casualties grown-up little girl who was not home,” San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia said.

“The relationship finished a year ago. The suspect had a past filled with abusive behavior at home and there was a dynamic criminal limiting request,” Garcia said.

The episode had been accounted for by the 20-year-old child of Prabhu.

“At the point when officers touched base at the home on Laura Valle Lane they saw a grown-up man expired in the front entryway experiencing no less than one gunfire wound. Officers learnt from the grown-up child that his mom and 13-year-old sibling alongside the suspect were still inside the house,” police said.

A standoff immediately created with the suspect and a SWAT group was brought in.

“As officers were setting up contain and capture groups, the speculate discharged the 13-year-old kid,” Garcia stated, adding that the presume declined to surrender.

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