Infosys ex-CFO Rajiv Bansal battles for Rs 12 crore pay contribution

Infosys’ previous CFO Rajiv Bansal is battling for the part of his questionable severance pay that the organization has kept down.

At the point when Bansal was leaving the firm in 2015, Infosys had consented to pay him Rs 17.38 crore in severance – the likeness 24-month pay. In any case, it dispensed just Rs 5 crore and stopped the rest of the installment. Infosys then said the concurrence with Bansal had accommodated non-contend commitments, as additionally different rights and commitments. “Certain installments to Rajiv under the understanding have been suspended pending certain illuminations with respect to such rights and commitments,” it had said in an announcement.

Numerous onlookers trust the installment was suspended after protests, particularly from some of Infosys’ originators, that the sum was over the top. Fellow benefactor NR Narayana Murthy had said such installments might be seen by some as “quiet cash” and chastised the board for not having made all divulgences concerning it.

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