Sharad Pawar slams Prime Minister Narendra Modi over banknote ban

MUMBAI: NCP boss Sharad Pawar on Sunday descended vigorously on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation, saying that the regular man is forced to bear the move to boycott high-esteem group notes.

“Modi displayed a blushing picture after the administration restricted high-esteem notes, in any case, it now gives the idea that the choice has brought about huge inconvenience for the normal man,” Pawar revealed to NCP laborers in Ghatkopar. “Just 0.28% of notes were fake as indicated by the back service and RBI,” he said.

Pawar additionally reprimanded the Center over the consumption on the slug prepare. “Modi is enthused about Mumbai-Ahmedabad projectile prepare, which will cost Rs 98,000 crore. The administration has overlooked the predicament of the eight million rural prepare workers. It will cost not as much as Rs 8,000 crore for upgradation,” he said.

Source:- Timesofindia


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