Government caves in to demands to scrap primary school spelling test after paper was leaked online

primary school spelling test due to be taken by hundreds of thousands of seven-year-olds this summer has been ditched after it was accidentally published online.

The test, part of the Key Stage 1Sats assessment, is taken in May along with tests in maths and reading.

But it emerged the spelling test had been uploaded to the Standards and Testing Agency website as a practice paper by mistake in January.

The error was only spotted this week when a number of schools piloted the test and the questions were recognised.

The Government initially said the test would still be used as part of the Key Stage 1 assessment – used to gauge 500,000 pupils’ progress but not to rank schools – but following pressure from teachers it has relented.

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Feds scrap Apple lawsuit in New York

The Department of Justice will no longer go after Apple in court in an effort to compel the company to unlock an iPhone related to aBrooklyn drug case. According to the court document US Attorney Robert Capers submitted (and obtained by Apple Insider), someone already handed the feds the passcode they needed. If you’ll recall, the DOJ filed a lawsuit against Cupertino in the state, using the All Writs Act to get the tech titan to comply.

Apple didn’t budge and kept refusing to unlock the device, just like it fought the DOJ in the San Bernardino iPhone case. Authorities also dropped the San Bernardino lawsuit after theypaidhackers with a history of selling software vulnerabilities to the government fora toolthat cracked the device open.

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more scrap dealers arrested in Deonar fire case

The Shivaji Nagar police on Friday night arrested two more scrap dealers in connection with the fire that took place at the Deonar dumping ground. Earlier, the Deonar police had arrested 13 scrap dealers for allegedly being involved in the crime.

The two arrested accused have been identified as Rafeeq Ahmed Khan (49) and Ateeq Ahmed Khan (42). According to the police, both of them are in the scrap business and would allegedly send rag-picker children to set the dumping ground on fire to collect metal scrap.

“We got information that Rafeeq and Ateeq were both also involved in the crime and were part of the gang that was involved in setting fire to the Deonar dumping ground,” said Balasaheb Jadhav, senior police inspector, Shivaji Nagar police station. He further added: “The arrested accused used to send rag-picker children to set fire to the heaps of garbage at the Deonar dumping ground so that they could collect metal scrap.”

The incidents of fire at Deonar dumping ground that took place in January and March this year had engulfed the entire eastern suburbs with a thick layer of smog, leading to various health hazards. The impact of the smog was such that the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had to keep 78 schools in the area shut for almost a week. Even National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) satellites captured the incident.

According to the police, it was revealed during the course of the investigation that the fire at the Deonar dumping ground was not natural and that some mischief mongers had caused it. While probing the matter, the police had arrested a total of 13 scrap dealers earlier for allegedly using rag-picker children to set the dumping ground on fire to extract metal scrap.

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