Germany ‘threatens’ to scrap open-door policy ahead of EU-Turkey refugee crisis summit

Germany, the ultimate destination for most refugees, may soon start turning them away at its borders, if the number of entries does not drop. The Interior Minister had reportedly sent a strong message to the EU that the “time of waving the issue through is over.”

While chancellor Angela Merkel maintains she wants to keep Europe’s borders open, plans leaked to the Welt am Sonntag newspaper suggest that her own government is drawing up far more radical measu

Accept refugees or face ‘self-induced crisis’, UN tells Europe

Sources close to Thomas de Maiziere, the Interior Minister in Merkel’s government, told Welt am Sonntag that he had ordered his staff to draft plans to seal the country’s borders. The alleged plans, according to the newspaper are meant to turn asylum seekers away at Germany’s borders.

The measure might be enforced in“next weeks”if the number of refugees crossing EU-Turkish borders does not reduce dramatically.“For de Maiziere, the time of waving the refugees through is over,”the sources said.

Such a radical measure is a direct threat to Brussels, the newspaper notes, stressing the decision to draft a roadmap for border closure could not be that of de Maziere’s office alone. The order must have come from chancellor’s office too.

According to Welt’s sources in the Bavarian police department, regional law enforcement units in Lower and Upper Bavaria were asked to make some“preliminary preparations”in case the federal police arrange“lasting border controls”and execute denial of entry for asylum seekers.

These unusually robust moves seem to be an attempt to put pressure on other European governments ahead of an EU-Turkey summit next Monday, tasked with working out breakthrough measures to deal with the crisis. For De Maiziere, the summit will be“a turning point,”according to Welt.

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