Scrappers, BBC2: Terry and Lyndsay Walker are back in the scrap yard for a second series

Scrappers: Scrap yard duo Terry and Lyndsay Walker return for another series BBC/Liberty Bell/Mike Poloway
A behind-the-scenes look at a scrap yard business doesn’t instantly sound like a recipe for TV gold.

But when you factor in the warmth and humour of Bolton-based couple Terry and Lyndsay Walker, it’s easy to see why BBC Two’s Scrappers is back for more.

The documentary series has returned with a new six-episode run following the Walkers’ fortunes as they attempt to keep their business afloat.

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It’s an entertaining mix of the heartfelt and the ridiculous – for all the highly amusing hijinks and exploits that take place in the scrap yard, there’s an importance here too.

This is the Walkers’ livelihoods – a business that they need to keep going for themselves, and for their kids in the future.

“It’s the love my life – other than our Lyndsay, t’wife,” says husband Terry in the opening voiceover.


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