Forty cars alight at Ashford scrap metal yard

stack of 40 vehicles is on fire at a scrap metal yard in Kent, with cars, scrap metal and tyres producing thick plumes of smoke.
About 50 firefighters are at Ellingham Way in Ashford, where the fire broke out just after 09:20 BST.
Kent Fire and Rescue Service said residents nearby have been asked to keep doors and windows closed.
Crews are using pumps to take water from the East Stour River to fight the blaze as well as using five jets.
The industrial estate blaze began as a “deep-seated fire” involving several vehicles and tyres.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service later said 80 square metres of scrap metal and cars were alight, with more than 40 vehicles involved.
A spokeswoman said they were dealing with a “significant fire”.


In Scrap-Metal Market, Buyers Have to Tell ‘Darth’ From ‘Vader’

When Randy Goodman calls a customer in China, the 51-year-old scrap trader sometimes asks: Do you want Elmo, Shelmo or Zorba?

The world’s $100 billion trade in junked cars, refrigerators and other metallic goods hinges on 100 or so short, catchy terms.

Candy: Heavy copper.

Lady: Brass shell case.

Thigh: Aluminum grindings.

Not only does Mr. Goodman, an executive vice president with Atlanta-based trading company Greenland America Inc., know and use all these code words to sell scrap aluminum, copper and zinc around the world. He gets to make them up.

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Birmingham Saltley fire: Blaze at scrap metal plant sends smoke billowing over Birmingham as 100 firefighters battle inferno

More than 100 firefighters are battling a blaze at an industrial unit in Birmingham.

Crews were alerted to a fire at industrial premises in Adderley Park this afternoon, close to the main railway line heading out of New Street station.

17 fire engines and over 100 firefighters are currently fighting the blaze, West Midlands Fire Service confirmed.

A hydraulic platform was sent to the scene of the fire and thick black smoke was seen from several miles away.

A spokesman from West Midlands Fire Service said: “We received a 999 call at about 2.08pm and sent six fire crews and an aerial platform to the site of an industrial unit.

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“Smoke is affecting the railway line so we have informed Network Rail.”

Huge fire near Adderley Park station – updates from the scene as 60 firefighters tackle blaze
Crews battling the fire at industrial premises at Adderley Park
Nearby residents and workers have been advised to keep doors and windows closed because of the smoke, reports the Birmingham Mail.

Huge fire near Adderley Park station – updates from the scene as 60 firefighters tackle blaze West Midlands Fire Service
Eight fire engines and more than 60 firefighters tackling the blaze in an attempt to get it under control
The incident has closed nearby roads including Landor Street and Clarel Avenue.

Huge fire near Adderley Park station – updates from the scene as 60 firefighters tackle blaze Birmingham Mail
Firefighters outside the entrance of the scrapyard as the blaze rages
The fire is taking place in EMR Recycling Plant, and more than 20 999 calls have since been made to the fire service.

EMR deals in scrap metal and also offers to dispose of cars in an environmentally-friendly way.

Huge fire near Adderley Park station – updates from the scene as 60 firefighters tackle blaze Birmingham Mail
A huge plume of smoke over Birmingham from today’s fire
The cause of today’s fire is not yet known, but fire investigators are at the scene.

Today’s fire is not the first major blaze to take hold at the EMR recycling centre.


A company in Newark is accused of turning its back on an employee who says he spent his own money to pay the business’ bills.

“We are here to ask about Warren Miller’s money. What’s going on here? He lent the company $41,000!” said Nina Pineda, 7 On Your Side.

Dublin Scrap metal’s logo is a shamrock, but a former employee’s having no luck getting money back he says he lent the company over a year ago.

It sounds crazy, but Warren Miller was so loyal to his former employer that when bills piled up, he put them on his own credit card.

“What kinds of things would you charge?” Pineda asked.

“Everything from PSE&G to equipment repairs,” Miller said.

But Miller says owner Kevin Rafferty stopped reimbursing him, he had his boss sign a letter promising he’d get paid. Rafferty agreed to pay Miller $41,360 after the business sold an office building it owned.

“It never happened. The building got sold, he had some baloney story,” Miller said.

The next step was court and Miller won.

“No! Never got a dime!” Miller said.

So 7 On Your Side paid a visit to Dublin Scrap metal.

“Hi, we are looking for Kevin,” Pineda said.

“He’s not here,” someone at the business said.

“Who are you?” Pineda said.

“I’m the boss,” the man said.

“Oh, well maybe we need to talk to you,” Pineda said.

We didn’t get much of a reception.

A day later, Dublin moved to liquidate all its assets for the benefit of creditors in an alternative to bankruptcy. And 7 On Your Side learned Miller is just one of dozens the company owes.

According to the company filing, Dublin’s debts are more than $2 million; NJ Transit owed $141,000 and Con Edison more than $200,000.

Kevin Rafferty even lists himself as being owed $1.4 million, right above the unpaid debt to Miller who says he even took care of Rafferty’s late mother. He says if she were still running the business, it wouldn’t be in such bad shape.
“And I’m sure if the mother was alive, I would have been paid,” Miller said.

The attorney in charge of getting people paid back said that they will begin the process of auctioning off the company’s assets to the highest bidder.

Hopefully Warren will get some money back. The retiree had to scrap his plans to buy an apartment to pay off that debt on his credit card.

ICAI to scrap CPT route for studying CA

examination route will be scrapped as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has given its approval. It is now lying with the Ministry of Law and Justice,” ICAI president Devaraja Reddy told reporters here today.

While the CPT examination was of 200 marks, the Foundation course would consist of 400 marks for class XII pass outs.

Entry to direct CA would be given to B.Com students securing 55 per cent and B.Sc and Engineering candidates with 60 per cent marks.

The ICAI president said the entire curriculum was being revamped as well.

Reddy said ICAI was pitching for double entry accounting system for various government accounts instead of single entry at present.

This would made the accounts of the government departments more transparent, he said.

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Japan’s Shikoku Electric to scrap aging nuclear reactor

Japanese utility Shikoku Electric Power Co said on Friday it would scrap the ageing 566-megawatt No.1 reactor at its Ikata nuclear plant

It said it had made the decision after taking into account the cost of safety upgrades to meet stringent requirements imposed following the Fukushima disaster five years ago.

The Ikata No.1 reactor began operations in 1977 and has been shut since Sept. 4, 2011 for scheduled maintenance.

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DB Networks Launches Real-Time Database Security Sensor

DB Networks has released a first-of-its-kind database sensor that provides makers of security software with real-time, deep-protocol analysis of database traffic—inside or outside the firewall.

It’s probably not possible to gather too much network information when guarding against cyber-threats. So the more data a system can generate about legitimate users, the ones trying to break in and others who already have broken in, the better security staff will know how to fight the bad actors.

By integrating this sensor into their products, security OEMs provide their customers with more usage detail and metrics from data-tier cyber-threats. The Layer 7 Database Sensor—the first of its kind in the industry, DB Networks claims—features patented technology to enhance and differentiate their product offerings. In turn, enterprise users can deploy these new features, offered through their trusted channel or OEM vendors, to protect their critical database infrastructure.

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Microsoft releases Linux database software


Microsoft has produced a version of its database software that runs on the rival Linux operating system. The version of SQL Server software it has made for Linux will be released in mid-2017, it said in a blogpost. The creation of the software is a significant step for Microsoft which has traditionally focused on its core Windows operating system. It is one of several steps it has taken to open up its software to rivals under boss Satya Nadella. ‘Significant threat’ Microsoft’s SQL Server is one of the company’s core products and the Windows version is used by many customers to run and manage databases.

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Germany ‘threatens’ to scrap open-door policy ahead of EU-Turkey refugee crisis summit

Germany, the ultimate destination for most refugees, may soon start turning them away at its borders, if the number of entries does not drop. The Interior Minister had reportedly sent a strong message to the EU that the “time of waving the issue through is over.”

While chancellor Angela Merkel maintains she wants to keep Europe’s borders open, plans leaked to the Welt am Sonntag newspaper suggest that her own government is drawing up far more radical measu

Accept refugees or face ‘self-induced crisis’, UN tells Europe

Sources close to Thomas de Maiziere, the Interior Minister in Merkel’s government, told Welt am Sonntag that he had ordered his staff to draft plans to seal the country’s borders. The alleged plans, according to the newspaper are meant to turn asylum seekers away at Germany’s borders.

The measure might be enforced in“next weeks”if the number of refugees crossing EU-Turkish borders does not reduce dramatically.“For de Maiziere, the time of waving the refugees through is over,”the sources said.

Such a radical measure is a direct threat to Brussels, the newspaper notes, stressing the decision to draft a roadmap for border closure could not be that of de Maziere’s office alone. The order must have come from chancellor’s office too.

According to Welt’s sources in the Bavarian police department, regional law enforcement units in Lower and Upper Bavaria were asked to make some“preliminary preparations”in case the federal police arrange“lasting border controls”and execute denial of entry for asylum seekers.

These unusually robust moves seem to be an attempt to put pressure on other European governments ahead of an EU-Turkey summit next Monday, tasked with working out breakthrough measures to deal with the crisis. For De Maiziere, the summit will be“a turning point,”according to Welt.

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